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Characters – Witches of East End

Meet the characters of Lifetime Networks newest series The Witches of East End

Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond)

Joanna Beauchamp

Curiously ageless, Joanna Beauchamp is the artistic, down-to-earth and beautiful mother of Freya and Ingrid who has been hiding a secret from her girls…the fact that she and her daughters are powerful and immortal witches. She has kept her magical powers and their family’s past concealed for the sake of her daughters’ safety, and instead has chosen to live a magic-free life in a quintessential small town. As an art teacher, Joanna hopes to give her daughters a normal life, free of the dangers and temptations associated with magic. But when her free-spirited sister Wendy reenters her life after 100 years, the Beauchamps’ nor- mal lifestyle is turned upside down and an unfortunate sequence of life-threatening events forces Joanna to come clean with her daughters about their supernatural gifts.

Freya Beauchamp (Jenna Dewan Tatum)

Freya Beauchamp

Gorgeous and fearless Freya Beauchamp is the youngest in her family and known for her wild ways. She works as a bartender and lives whole-heartedly by her desires and appetites, sometimes to a fault. She has an overwhelming sense of self-confidence and a hunger for passion. Though recently engaged to Dash Gardiner, the man of her dreams, Freya is inexplicably drawn to Dash’s mysterious and sexy brother, Killian. Freya has always sensed there was something different about herself, unaware that she comes from a powerful family of witches.

Ingrid Beauchamp (Rachel Boston)

Ingrid Beauchamp

Charming, prim and shy librarian Ingrid Beauchamp knows she is smart, but she is unaware she is beautiful as well. Despite being a cautious over-thinker, Ingrid is always willing to go out of her way to help her family and friends. She fears that her sister Freya is rushing into marriage without thinking it through, while Freya believes Ingrid spends too much time analyzing everything, leaving no time to cultivate a romance of her own.

Wendy Beauchamp Eric Winter(Mädchen Amick)

Wendy Beauchamp

Joanna Beauchamp’s mischievous, beautiful, carefree and wryly humorous sister, Wendy, takes pride in her ability to shift between human and cat form, which often puts her in troublesome predicaments. Both cursed and blessed with nine lives, she comes back into Joanna’s life after 100 years to inform her that an evil and dark force is after their family, causing Joanna to twist the fate she had planned for her daughters and reveal their family’s supernatural powers to Freya and Ingrid.

Dash Gardiner (Eric Winter)

Dash Gardiner

Smart, sexy and athletic Dash Gardiner is a wealthy playboy and newly engaged to Freya Beauchamp. He is a successful doctor, multi-millionaire philanthropist, and a prince charming in Freya’s eyes. When his mysterious brother Killian returns to East Haven, Dash finds himself uneasy and in constant competition with Killian.

Penelope Gardiner (Virginia Madsen)

Penelope Gardiner

Penelope Gardiner is the definition of a sophisticated, beautiful and rich socialite who will never let anyone forget it. Mother to Dash and Killian, she is none too pleased with Dash’s fiancée, Freya Beauchamp, and never misses an opportunity to let Freya know it – in the nicest of ways, of course.

Killian Gardiner (Daniel DiTomasso)

Killian Gardiner

Killian Gardiner is Dash’s mysterious, gorgeous and dangerously sexy brother who has recently returned to East Haven. He catches the eye of Freya upon meeting her, causing the bride-to-be to struggle with resisting the advances of her fiancé’s brother while also suppressing an upheaval of feelings in her heart.

Adam (Jason George)


Adam is the local detective in the usually sleepy town of East Haven and for many years, has admired librarian Ingrid Beauchamp, though he has never worked up the nerve to ask her out on a date. Their friendship gets complicated when Adam’s investigation of a local murder case leads him to the Beauchamp’s door.